FAQ: Tales of the Valiant RPG: Launching Black Flag Roleplaying
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What does “European-friendly” or “Australia-friendly” shipping mean? Are postage, VAT, and Customs duty paid for me?

“EU-friendly” and “Canada-friendly” and other forms of backer-friendly shipping can be confusing. It means bulk rate shipping to reduce postage costs (in some international projects, postage costs can exceed the cost of the reward itself). How does it work? Instead of shipping rewards outside the US via Air Mail (very expensive), Kobold Press packs and ships rewards on a container on a freighter (or a truck for Canada) and ships that way to a local partner. The local partner then packages and ships rewards to backers in that country. This project will provide reduced-cost, friendly bulk shipping to Canada, Australia, UK, the EU, and New Zealand. This saves you a great deal of air freight money, and it means that Kobold Press pays the customs duties. Your shipment arrives via the local post a few weeks or months later than it would by air mail. However, this does not mean that Kobold Press pays VAT or other fees levied in your country. Those are the responsibility of the buyer, as always, and are included in the shipping costs of the survey stage.

Last updated: May 23, 2023 07:14

What will shipping cost? Even an estimate helps.

We have some rough estimates. The book is looking around the $10 to $15 range in the US (depending on weight and which shipping partner offers the best bid), somewhere around $25 to $30 in Canada, and $10 to $30 in Europe. Australia is very hard to say with the current global shipping issues, but we are estimating $30 to $35 via bulk/friendly. All of those are best guesses based on current container and postal rates, and we won’t have final pricing on shipping for some time. If these shipping costs are prohibitive for you, please remember that buying locally is always an option. When you ask for Kobold Press items at your local game store, it can lead to more bulk store orders, chances to partner for distribution, and, eventually, cheaper shipping options to our wonderful fans abroad.

Last updated: May 23, 2023 07:15

Do the VTT licenses also include the PDF version?

The PDFs are included in the VTT pledge tier; they are not included if you pick up a VTT as an add-on.

You can add VTT licenses to any print pledge in the add-on step, or you can pick them up later in the Pledge Manager, as you prefer.

Last updated: May 23, 2023 07:20

How will the options in this book be evaluated and balanced?

This game’s content will go through three levels of balancing and testing before it goes to print: 1) The Kobold team works with a number of reliable designers, including regulars with a good track record at Kobold Press and Wizards of the Coast, as well as with talented newcomers who have shown a track record of high-quality work on DM’s Guild or with Wizards, Kobold Press, or others.

2) The Kobold editors and developers review all materials for balance and adherence to established rules. Issues either get addressed in a rewrite or kicked into a playtest round.

3) The public playtest has been running since February of 2023 and will continue to release playtest content as this Kickstarter progresses. Each round of playtesting includes instructions on how to submit feedback, so you can help shape Tales of the Valiant!

Last updated: May 23, 2023 07:22

How can I add dice to my pledge?

When you have selected a Reward, the next page lists dice as an add-on.

Due to shipping constraints, dice are shipping to the US and Canada only. You must be logged into Kickstarter in the US or Canada to add dice to your pledge.

If demand is high enough, they will be available internationally via the Kobold Press Store.

Last updated: May 23, 2023 07:36

Is the Partner Adventure Pack a PDF, or is it going to come as something physical?

Much as the Kobold Press partners would love to deliver 8 printed adventures for $25, it’s just not in the cards. This is a PDF release–some of them will also be available as print-on-demand or in traditional print down the line.

Last updated: May 23, 2023 07:36

Is Tales of the Valiant set in Kobold Press’s world, Midgard? Do I need any Midgard books to play Tale of the Valiant?

No! Tales of the Valiant is a setting-agnostic rules update to the 5th edition rules , so you can use Tales of the Valiant rules in your homebrew world, in your favorite fantasy TTRPG world, in your favorite novel’s world, or any other world–including Midgard.

Last updated: May 23, 2023 07:34

Is there something wrong with your pledge?

That’s not impossible. If you notice something is awry, you can submit a support request at support.koboldpress.com

Last updated: July 06, 2023 19:17

If I have a friend who missed the project, can they still join?

You can share this link to your friends and they can pre-order too: https://valiant.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

Last updated: July 06, 2023 19:18

Shipping Updates
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
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BackerKit FAQ

What is BackerKit?

BackerKit is a service that crowdfunded project creators use to keep track of hundreds to tens of thousands of backers—from shipping details, pledge levels, preferences and quantities, whether they have paid or had their card declined, special notes, and everything in between!

The BackerKit software and support team is independent from the campaign’s project team—BackerKit does not handle the actual reward shipping. For more information about the preparation or delivery status of your rewards, please check the project's updates page.

How does BackerKit work?

After the campaign ends, the project creator will send you an email with a unique link to your survey. You can check out a walkthrough of the process here.

I never received my invitation. How do I complete the survey?

The most common reasons for not receiving a survey email is that you may be checking an email inbox different from the email address you used to sign up with Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Tilt Pro account, or it may be caught in your spam filter.

Confirm that the email address you are searching matches the email address tied to your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Tilt Pro account. If that doesn’t work, then try checking your spam, junk or promotions folders. You can also search for "backerkit” in your inbox.

To resend the survey to yourself, visit the project page and input the email address associated with your Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Tilt Pro account.

How do I update my shipping address?

BackerKit allows you to update your shipping address until the shipping addresses are locked by the project creator. To update your address, go back to your BackerKit survey by inputting your email here.

When will my order be shipped, charged or locked?

That is handled directly by the project creator. BackerKit functions independently of the project itself, so we do not have control of their physical shipping timeline. If you want to check on the project’s status, we recommend reading over the project's updates page.

I completed the survey, but haven't received my rewards yet. When will they arrive?

As BackerKit does not actually handle any rewards or shipping, the best way to stay updated on the shipping timeline would be to check out the project's updates page.

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